Source: Croft (2015).

Today, in this present era, there are different ways of conveying messages and expressing feelings. These can be expressed by actions, verbally or by text. Expressing thing using words can have multiple meaning and expression at the same time. Similarly, teamwork is one of those words which can have a different meaning in a different situation and its definition may vary from person to person. Teamwork can be different when we talk of sports, can be different for business ideals, can be different for school and college students etc. However, all these definitions circle around on one basic definition, a group of people working together as one team to achieve shared success. The result of the collaboration is shared amongst all, may it be a failure or big success. Teamwork needs common efforts rather than individual selfish goals. It requires determination and focus of all team members. A team can be as small as consisting of two people or can be a bigger with more than ten people in it. Lack of combined efforts will always result in failure and can be one of the worst nightmares for certain people for whom success matters a lot.

A team always requires a team leader, the one who can manage a team. A team leader is one who is a good listener, one who can take ideas from every member and can make the best output from it. Today, competition is increasing day at a fast pace. Competition between individuals is what makes people work harder and harder. This sense of competition may arise conflicts between team members as every person thinks of their own success first. This is the most difficult thing in a team. A good team is where the members think of the team’s success more than their individual goals. The biggest examples of teamwork can be seen in sports. For example, cricket, which is a sport of 11 people in one team. Each player has his/her own importance. The team cannot win if the batsmen doesn’t score nor can the team win if the bowler cannot take wickets. Similarly, in group projects like in schools and colleges, if nobody works together and manages the task properly, they cannot perform well.

Being an international student, it was very difficult for me to cope up with other students since English was not my first language. Gradually, my speaking and listening skills improved, and finally, I’m able to work as an active participant in group activities. I performed a lot of labs and assignments in groups in different subjects and learnt a lot of things from others. One should learn to work in a group in order to achieve success. It is great a saying that to win games you need talent, but teamwork and intelligence are what you need in order to win championships(Croft, 2016).


Croft, C. (2015). Teamwork Foundations, [jpg]. Retrieved from   Skills-tutorials/Teamwork-Fundamentals/365728-2.html.

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