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Source: Brown(2015)

There exist several keywords which didn’t verify or rely upon definitions; professionalism is one of them. It has distinct meanings in different fields such as business, medicine, school, sports and so on. However, as per Merriam Webster dictionary, it refers to the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person. A professional person can be the one working at a junior level or as a leader himself. They tend to become experts in their respective fields, which determines their determination. A professional person is valued in the workplace and thus, it is imperative to demonstrate this skill in every field. This skill not only benefits the employers or the company but the person as well. A professional person earns respect for the quality of their work, which also sets an example for others. There are certain aspects to determine whether a person is professional or not. Professionals are punctual and are committed to their work and get it done in the allotted time span. They welcome challenges and work beyond expectations. Further, they possess ethical and moral behaviour everywhere they go, be it a workplace, excursion sites or their home itself. They are always organized and structured and instantly recognize what is being demanded. They face every tough situation with enough grace and elegance. These people are well dressed as per the dress code of the workplace. Most importantly, professionals hold themselves responsible for all their actions. If such a person loses, he/she congratulates the opponent and accepts the shortcomings instead of providing lame excuses. On the other hand, when they win, they won’t stop working as there are even better people than them. They give their 100% in each and every task instead of cheating. Thus, professionalism is something more of a learned process, which goes on and on.


Brown, C. (2015). A millennial’s  guide to professionalism in the financial planning industry, [jpg]. Retrieved from

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