Semester Reflection

Source: Friedlander (2018).

As I am writing this, sitting at Tim Hortons in the middle of the night, holding an Iced Capp in my left hand and a moderate acoustic melody moves through my headphones. With this air, it appears as an opportunity to dig into a reflection of this semester of mine at Durham College which will end as soon as I finish this.
On 5th December last year, I flew to Canada with lots of dreams, aspirations and determination in my heart. I started my studies here at Durham College on 7th January 2019. As the semester started, I had set my mind that I was destined to achieve a lot and I think that I did amazing throughout the semester. Just like a roller coaster, life is full of ups and downs. I had to face numerous challenges as the semester passed by but the biggest challenge that I had to face was giving a presentation for my Communications course (COMM 3201) in front of the entire class. I used to be a confident public speaker back home, but all my confidence shattered here because English is not my first language and a fear of being judged is what tears me apart. I was nervous while giving the presentation and I think that I did good (not as perfect as it could have been) and that’s what my marks depict as well. Another challenge that I had to face was to aim for a perfect 75% in the same course (because of a 25% penalty for late submission)and our group had only a few hours to take that risk and complete it. However, we welcomed the challenge and did extremely well. We got 75% and all of us had a feeling of accomplishment.

Apart from all these challenges, I experienced some biggest successes as well. First, I became confident working on hardware components of a computer. I was reluctant to work on physical parts of a computer but working on all the labs in Computer Systems course, I recognized that I was interested in hardware rather than software. This is the reason that I switched from Computer Programmer diploma to Computer Systems Technician diploma. Apart from success in studies, I grew as a person and I became confident enough to live on my own, miles away from my parents. Despite all this, nothing can prepare you for the feeling you’ll get when you move far away from the ones you love. There’s not a day when you don’t wish they were there, a moment where you don’t miss their hugs and laughter. You start to remember the little things you never paid attention to before and miss the things you can’t do with them anymore. You smile more, you cry more and you understand what it means to cherish those memories.

About my improvements, I think that I have improved a lot as a person, and I have discovered that I have a potential to live on my own (which I thought that it was next to impossible when I was back home). Moreover, I have started working and thus, I am able to manage my own expenses along with managing the assignments and exams.

This was a brief overview of my first semester at Durham College and I look for even better experiences in the upcoming future.


Friedlander, J. (2018). How to Jumpstart Book Reviews for Self-Published Books, [jpg]. Retrieved from

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